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Got in 4 flights yesterday on an Ultra Stick with a Saito 100 on it. The 9XP worked flawlessly. I must say it is extremely convenient using this little unit. I have the 9XP attached to the 4 wing servos. I have a 6" extension going to the main Berg receiver. This setup allows me to securely mount the main receiver and enclose it in foam. With this configuration I have only one plug for the 4 servos in the wing. Much nicer and less room for error when I get to the field. Very nice little unit!

Forestville, MD

I fly a Piccolo micro heli. This spring I went to an indoor fly in at the National Building Museum. Mostly planes but 2 other micro heli's. Don't know why but most people were flying [Brand F] receivers. I was one of 2 that I knew of running a Berg receiver (5DSP). Everyone was getting hit left and right. I flew all day and never received a single hit. The other fellow with a Berg had the same success. So glad I happened on to your wonderful product!


I would like to tell you how much I love my Burg [sic] receivers. I fly F5B and the plane and motor are about $1000.00 to $1700.00. I only use burg receivers because I trust them 100%. I have been using them all most a year and not had any trouble!!! My friend just smashed his F5B plane to the ground with a [competitor's product]. I told him I only use Burgs and the next day he went out and bought one. I looking forward to the new line of receivers due to be out soon. I just ordered a Scorpio F5B plane from Sherd air and going to put one of you new smaller receivers in it. I also have a Mach Dart glider and you guessed it Burg receiver in it too....Thanks for your hard work on a great design.

San Diego, CA

There are many small lightweight receivers on the market these days, aimed at the "indoor" crowd. But almost all of them have a big flaw.... they will not operate in the presence of a transmitter on an adjacent channel. This may not be a problem flying in the local park, but it is a BIG problem at your favorite flying field or in an indoor setting with other transmitters operating. And some are small and lightweight at the expense of range.

I got lucky the first time I needed a micro receiver.... I bought the Ikarus Piccolo micro helicopter, and it came with a Berg6 receiver. I discovered that this receiver is almost as light as the smallest receivers. But far more important, it is fully narrowband and mine has operated in the presence of transmitters on BOTH adjacent channels with no glitches at all EVER. Matter of fact, I now own three Berg6's, and they all have been flawless in indoor and outdoor settings with many other transmitter operating simultaneously. The one in the micro heli has flown indoors with upwards of 8 transmitters all on at once without any glitches.... and in a heli you would notice a glitch! Another is in an aerobatic park flyer that I fly routinely at the local flying field. Never a glitch no matter what other channels are in use. The third is in another park flyer that I fly outdoors in below freezing weather.... still 100% glitch free.

I might add that the Berg6 in the micro heli operates reliably in a very hostile environment. It is shrink wrapped right next to the control board which contains several microprocessors, two speed controls, and the gyro. Plus, the BEC output is not very well regulated, and fluctuates by about a volt when the servos operate. And it still manages to operate flawlessly!

What more can I say? They may be small, but they don't give up ANY performance. And now I hear there is an even smaller Berg receiver on the way that has the same specs? Sign me up!

Rochester Hills, MI

Solved the interference problem on my electric plane. Its a Zagi 400...with new JR servos, JR R610M receiver and JR 421 TX. At a few feet (10 or so) from the plane the controls would start to twitch and the throttle would vary uncontrollably. I received much info, advice and suggestions from lots of people (the web is wonderful - thanks to all). Tried everything - new servos, different batteries, noise filter caps, different ESCs with different switch rates, different motor, different TX, different xtal sets, different JR R610M receiver (3 of them), a Tetra receiver. All efforts failed and insanity was near at hand

>>>>> UNTIL I borrowed an RC-Direct Berg6 receiver. <<<<<

With the Berg6 the range test passed wonderfully.... It flew wonderfully and the club instructor pilot (old Zagi hand) had it doing things I didn't know you could do with an RC plane.

So I bought two (2) RC-Direct Berg6 receivers with xtals (different channels). Both tested ok in the Zagi. I installed one and the instructor had fun wringing it out and showing me how to trim it. I managed to keep it off he dirt for some time, too.

So, if you are having interference problems with an electric plane, I recommend trying an RC-Direct Berg6 receiver.

I am making this unsolicited, uncompensated (and all the other legal terms) product endorsement because THEY WORK.

San Antonio, TX