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"PAF Powder"

Is it ... Magic?

We discovered PAF Powder on one of our travels through Europe, while visiting a flying club near Cologne. Here, people showed us how you can make quick repairs in the field even if the pieces don't quite fit anymore.

PAF Powder is not an ordinary filler such as baking soda or foam particles; PAF Powder consists of microscopically small glass beads which, when used as a filler and bonded with a drop of thin CA glue, form an instant bond with the strength of glass.

At first, we thought it was "yet another gimmick" to fill up the gaps in poorly constructed wood joints, but we brought a bottle home anyway. When we had to glue some ill-fitting pieces of wood recently, we decided to give PAF Powder a try.

All we can say is: you'd better do it right the first time, because once set, this stuff hangs on for life! Just for fun, we tried to glue a nylon servo control wheel to a piece of wood, using CA glue only. No way. It seemed to stick, but it let go with a little side force. Then we held the nylon wheel on the wood surface, poured a little bead of PAF Powder on each side and dumped on a drop of CA glue; and when a friend tried to pry it off, he broke the nylon control wheel!!

Then we started experimenting. Piano wire to wood: No Problem. Engine mount to firewall: No Problem. We tried glass, cloth, nylon, wood, steel, aluminum, control rods, hinges, almost anything to anything: No Problem.

Most people who have purchased a bottle of this "magic" powder have become hooked. They are always walking around looking for things to repair. You, too, can become the envy of your friends and a hero in the eyes of your loved ones. Use PAF Powder!


Hold a piece of almost any material in close proximity to almost any other material. Pour a bead of PAF Powder into the gap. Add a drop or two of thin CA glue (must be the thinnest you can buy) onto the powder. Wait a few seconds. Go on to the next job.

Where to get it:

PAF Powder is currently available from R/C Direct. Click here to order.